In order to avoid disappointment, early reservation is advisable in the busy period running from April through October. Our experience shows that these are busy months, the rooms being occupied on most days.

You can send us an e-mail at You will receive a response on the same day containing the options. It is even better to fill in the following reservation form and send it to us by e-mail.

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  Kamer (Room, Chambre, Zimmer) 1 Londen/Amsterdam
Kamer (Room, Chambre, Zimmer) 2 Parijs/New York
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  Bed&Breakfast Landsmeer Contactgegevens (contact details, contact):
De heer (Mr, Herr) Bert Schippers
Mevrouw (Mrs, Mme, Frau) Trudy Schippers
Noorderbreek 58
1121 KH Landsmeer
Nederland (The Netherlands, Les Pays-Bas, Die Niederlande)
Telefoon (Telephone / Téléphone / Telefon ): +31(0)204823924
Mobiel (Mobile phone / Mobile / Mobiltelefon ): +31(0)645505824